Private tours

Topics at a glance

  • Current special exhibitions
    Tours for companies, clubs and associations or groups of friends by arrangement.
  • Highlights of the collection
    Visit the most beautiful and most important objects in the collection while learning about the history of the museum.
  • Works of Buddhist and Hindu art
    Gain insights into the history and teachings of these two world religions, either in combination or individually.
  • Chinese art
    Come and see millenium-old grave finds, Buddhist sculptures, literati paintings and the famous Meiyintang ceramics collection. 
  • Japanese art
    View Buddhist wooden sculptures, Nô theatre masks, coloured woodblock prints and ink paintings.
  • African art
    Learn about ritual objects of all kinds, portraits and fascinating masks with their various levels of meaning.
  • Richard Wagner and the history of the “Grüner Hügel”
    Trace Wagner‘s connection with the museum.
  • Other thematic tours on request
    Topics spanning several cultures (such as masks), or other countries or regions such as Oceania, Latin America or the Northwest coast of North America can also form the theme of a tour, as can our collection of textiles.